Marine Recruit Assistant Tackles Fighting Students in Stockton. Did He Take Things Too Far?

A U.S. Marine is catching flack for his rough intervention in an altercation between two high school students in Stockton.

Video of the incident is available here. The fight took place on the grounds of Edison High School Wednesday and was captured by another student on cell phone video.

The footage shows two boys throwing punches while students look on. Pfc. Josue Valdez Sarmiento, who was helping with USMC recruitment efforts on campus, then runs toward the boys at rapid speed knocking them both to the ground.

The video was shared thousands of times online. Viewers soon split into two warring camps, with some saying the Marine was out of line and others saying he did the right thing to protect students.

Pfc. Sarmiento isn’t the only one whose actions are being questioned. School staffers who were present for the fight reportedly took no action until the Marine intervened.

The Stockton Unified School District said Friday that it is actively investigating the incident.

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