Recalled Santa Clara Judge Fired From Coaching Job

The Santa Clara County judge who was recalled after sentencing attempted rapist Brock Turner to just six months in county jail has now lost his coaching job at Lynbrook High School in San Jose.

Aaron Persky was hired to coach the junior varsity girls’ tennis team earlier this year. That led to a public outcry, with people demanding he go.

On Sept. 11, the Fremont Union High School District appeared to heed those calls.

Persky’s "employment with the District as the Junior Varsity Girls Tennis coach has ended,” the district said (NBC). "We believe this outcome is in the best interest of our students and school community.”

Persky’s light sentencing of the Stanford swimmer was a defining moment of the #metoo movement. But it wasn’t just the Turner case that roiled the public. Proponents of the recall effort against Persky argued that he had shown a pattern of bias in cases involving college athletes and violence against women. He became the first California judge to be recalled in 86 years.

Given Persky’s alleged bias in cases involving athletes and female victims, opponents said he should be nowhere near a girls’ tennis team.

In a scathing op-ed, the Los Angeles Times disagreed. The editorial board has called the firing an unjustifiable decision and “a step toward mob rule."