CDE Releases CAASPP Assessment Test Results

The California Department of Education released the results of the Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests on Wednesday. They reveal continued, albeit slow, improvements among students.

“The state’s high-school juniors were among the most-improved grades in reading and math this year, but that rise followed a significant drop the prior year that negated gains made in lower grades,” according to CalMatters.

“A majority of students statewide, for the first time, were proficient in reading, but more than 49% of students still aren’t at grade level.”

“And though economically disadvantaged students seem to have improved at a faster rate than the rest of their peers in some areas, their passing rates in reading and math remain further behind. For example, 39% of the state’s economically disadvantaged students passed the reading exam and 27.48% passed math, while the rest of their peers passed reading (69.48% proficiency) and math (58.88% passing) at twice the rate.”

Among white students, reading proficiency was 65% and math proficiency was 54.23%. Asians scored 77% and 74.37% respectively. But among black students, those figures were 33% and 20.55%. 40.56% of Latino students were reading proficient, while just 28% were proficient in math.

“Overall, we’re crawling for it as a state in terms of closing the achievement gaps we see,” said Elisha Smith Arrillaga, executive director of the Education Trust-West. “But we’re crawling when we really need to be sprinting.”

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond also express continued concern.

“Disparities between students of color and their white and Asian peers continue from year to year and demonstrate the importance of our priority initiative of closing the achievement gap. Education equity should mean equity for all students and right now, we are not there,” said Thurmond. “All students should have an equal opportunity to succeed academically and enter the workforce prepared with the needed skills to compete in the industries that drive our state forward.”

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