2019 Dashboard Unveiled

The 2019 California School Dashboard has arrived. The website was updated Thursday, Dec. 12. To see how your school district is doing, click here. Key highlights are also available from EdSource

The dashboard uses a color-coded system to gauge school performance. The highest performance is blue, then green, then yellow, orange, and red (lowest).

The state’s largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, earned a blue mark for suspension rates and a red for chronic absenteeism. Graduation rates and college readiness earned yellow marks.

San Diego Unified earned a green for college readiness but yellow for high school graduation and suspensions and orange for chronic absenteeism.

San Francisco Unified earned green marks for career readiness, suspension rates, English and language arts, and high school graduation. Students are struggling with math, earning a yellow in that category.

Fresno and Elk Grove Unified earned all yellow or orange marks.

Overall, the Dashboard reflected steady progress across California schools. High school graudation rates rose by 2.2% for a record of 85.9%. College readiness was also up. Chronic absenteeism, however, is a growing problem statewide. 12.1% of students were absent more than 10% of the time during the 2018-2019 school year.