Students Treated After Plane Drops Jet Fuel on Several Elementary Schools

Sixty people, including more than twenty children, have received medical treatment after a Delta Boeing 777 dropped jet fuel over the skies of Southeast L.A. County Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times reports the plane was bound for Shanghai. It experienced some type of malfunction in mid-air and turned around toward LAX. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the fuel was dumped deliberately or not.

When the fuel was released, it fell on students and staff on the playground of Park Elementary in Cudahy. A half dozen people at Tweedy Elementary School and another six at San Gabriel Elementary in South Gate were also affected, along with an adult at Graham Elementary.

Cudahy Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar said she was “very upset.”

“This is an elementary school, these are small children,” she told the Times

“Why is it always our communities having to deal with the brunt of these issues?”