Racist Photo Sparks Fear, Outrage at High School in Riverside

A disturbing photograph has surfaced of eight students from Martin Luther King High School in Riverside posing with a swastika and making “white power” gestures in front of a confederate flag and a Trump re-election banner. Although the picture was taken at a gathering off campus, it has roiled school officials, parents, and students.

“This teachable moment will not be lost on us,” said principal Michael West (Los Angeles Times). He said the image was first reported by students who felt unsafe after seeing it.

“While we cannot provide specific details due to privacy laws, King High School is taking appropriate action to stop this kind of disruption to school and prevent it from recurring," West assured parents in an email.

Assemblyman Jose Medina also released a statement, saying he was deeply troubled by the image. 

This year, an equity committee was created with the task of developing programs and events to foster tolerance and acceptance on campus.

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