School Meeting on Racism Goes Viral After Parent’s Racist Comments

When officials and parents from Saline Area Schools in Michigan gathered earlier this month, the purpose was to discuss a rise in racist behavior among students. Instead, the meeting ended up highlighting the problem of bigotry among the community’s adults, with one dad asking a Mexican-American attendee why he didn’t stay in Mexico.

The comment was met with gasps and moans from the room. The video, which you can view here, quickly went viral.

On Tuesday, the white parent’s son addressed the controversy. His father had made a racist comment, he acknowledged, and said it in no way reflects his views.

“It’s of vital importance to call out racism wherever you see it,” he said. "We can’t stand idly by — as children, as brothers and sisters, as friends and as people interacting with each other in daily life — when someone says or does anything racist. It’s all of our responsibilities and it shouldn’t have to get to this.”