LCAP Requirements Delayed Until December 15

California school districts have an additional 51/2 months to adopt their Local Control and Accountability Plan for the fiscal year 2020-21. The governor signed an executive order last week that moves the deadline from July 1 to December 15.

The purpose of the executive order is to minimize the burden on school districts that have been busy dealing with the COVID-18 crisis. 

“The Governor’s action frees up staff time and resources for districts to focus solely on the immediate learning needs and health of our students,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond

The EO does contain some requirements school districts need to meet. They can delay LCAP under the following conditions:

(i) The governing board or body of the LEA adopts, during the same meeting at which the governing board or body of the LEA adopts the annual budget due July 1, 2020, a written report to the community that explains the changes to program offerings that the LEA has made in response to school closures to address the COVID-19 emergency and the major impacts of such closures on students and families, which shall include, at minimum, a description of how the LEA is meeting the needs of unduplicated pupils, defined consistent with Education Code section 42238.02(b)(1), during the period of school closures and the steps taken by the LEA, consistent with Paragraph 2 of Executive Order N-26-20, to support the following during the period of school closures:
a. Continue delivering high-quality distance learning opportunities;
b. Provide school meals in non-congregate settings; and
c. Arrange for supervision of students during ordinary school hours.

(ii) School districts and county boards of education submit the written report adopted pursuant to clause (i) to the county superintendent of schools or the Superintendent of Public Instruction, respectively, in conjunction with submission of the adopted annual budget.

(iii) A charter school submits the written report adopted pursuant to clause (i) to its authorizer in accordance with Education Code 47604.33.

(iv)The LEA posts a copy of the written report adopted pursuant to clause (i) on the homepage of the internet website maintained by the LEA, if such website exists.

The California School Boards Association and the Association of California School Administrators had initially asked the governor to suspend the LCAP for an entire year.

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