Walnut High Grads to Get a Shouout From Ryan Seacrest

This is a difficult time for the state’s graduating seniors. But thanks to the actions of a caring principal, the Walnut High School Class of 2020 is getting a pretty cool consolation prize. The school says American Idol and KIIS-FM radio host Ryan Seacrest will send a recorded message to play during the class’s May 28 virtual ceremony. 

The favor is coming from one Ryan to another. The school’s principal, Dr. Ryan Maine, made the request personally on Friday and Seacrest agreed.

“When you look at a coolness factor, they have a principal that’s about a 2 or 3, and Ryan Seacrest is a 10!” Maine joked.

But Lily Eibert, a parent and President of the Community Club, says she thinks Ryan Maine “is officially the coolest principal out there!”

ASB President and high school senior Matt Mayo agreed. He called the news a “bright light in the darkness.”

“Our student body is so thankful! With the current circumstances, I know that many seniors and even parents are devastated, but Mr. Maine is going out of his way to make a long-lasting memory.”

Way to go, Ryans!