Yuba School Gyms to Become Field Hospitals

The spread of coronavirus in rural areas has been a top concern for public health experts. The lack of medical facilities and personnel could represent a worst case scenario where beds are unavailable, care is rationed, and hundreds or thousands of people die.

The counties of Yuba and Sutter are addressing those fears with the help of the local school district. The Sacramento Bee reports that gymnasiums at Yuba City and River Valley high schools will be repurposed into field hospitals in the event of a COVID-19 surge.

The high school gyms will be used for COVID-19 patients who are in stable condition to be discharged from the hospital, but still need to be monitored with some level of assistance with medication and other daily activities. Officials said these patients in the gyms are considered better suited for a facility that has an open layout to allow limited numbers of healthcare personnel to more easily monitor their status. The gyms were chosen because of their size, electrical capacity, locations and other factors after evaluating several possible sites throughout the two rural counties north of Sacramento.

Sutter County Administrator Steve Smith thanked the Yuba City Unified School District for its partnership. The collaboration could saves lives.