School Board President Drinks Beer During Board Meeting

The school board president of Covina’s Charter Oak School, Brian Akers, caused a bit of a stir this month when he showed up to a virtual school board meeting chugging a brewsky.

“First it was a shock. No way could that have been a beer, maybe a root beer. Then we look back on the live and yup, that’s a Pacifico!” said school psychologist Gregg Platto (NBC4).

Akers has been criticized by colleagues and school parents alike. Some have even called for his resignation.

Many Americans have found themselves letting loose a little too much during quarantine. Sales for off-site alcoholic beverages are reportedly up 24%. Combined with the false sense of comfort some feel when conducting business from their living rooms, the drive to drink can end in professional disaster. A planning commissioner in Vallejo was forced to resign last month after he showed up to a Zoom meeting drinking alcohol, used profanity, and threw his cat in the air. 

The lesson here is obvious: don’t drink and Zoom.