Bakersfield City School District Responds to Video of Teacher Cursing at BLM Protesters

The Bakersfield City School District has issued a statement condemning the actions of one of its teachers who was captured on video hurling expletives at Black Lives Matters protesters.

Second-grade teacher Carrie Maxwell has apologized for what she calls a moment of “anxiety, frustration and panic” which did not occur on school grounds. "I am humiliated by my actions," she added.

The scene played out in front of at least one child—the daughter of a protester—who can be heard crying on camera. You can watch the footage here

“The Bakersfield City School District strives to be a model of inclusion and equity for our students, staff, families and community members,” the district’s statement said in response to the video, which has been making the rounds online. “The District is aware of the incident that occurred on June 5 involving an employee. We do not condone nor endorse the action and behavior captured on the video. The district is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.”