This District’s Bold COVID Testing Plan Could Help Schools Reopen Safely

The Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento is taking COVID-19 seriously. In hopes of reopening campuses, the district has begun voluntarily testing its essential employees. It could soon test students too.

The district already secured 1,000 minimally invasive testing kits, with another 10,000 expected to arrive. The tests are saliva-based. There’s no nasal discomfort, the turnaround is quick (2-3 days), and the tests are approved by the FDA.

The Sacramento Bee reported on how the new testing regimen will work.

Students will be voluntarily tested if they arrive on campus with a fever, according to Martinez. The district plans to implement several measures to ensure students and staff return to campuses safely: testing, screening temperatures and personal protective equipment.

“Imagine a scenario where we are in the fall, and a child gets the sniffles,” Martinez said. “We don’t know if this child has COVID, a cold or the flu. This scenario calls for us to verify.”

The district will order more kits if schools begin to transition from distance learning to in-person learning.

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