Coalinga High School Principal

Coalinga-Huron Unified School District
09/23/9600 - 15:22
Until Filled



Management Position                                                             Department:    Site


Report to:        Superintendent or Designee                           Salary: Range 25


Work Days:     215 Days                                                         Overtime Status:  Exempt




Serve as the educational leader and chief executive of the school.  Directly responsible to the Superintendent or designee, for the following services: programs, operations and personnel for an assigned high school; assure safe and positive learning environment for the students and staff, holding all stakeholders accountable for increasing student achievement and will be held accountable for increasing student achievement, provide leadership to ensure district goals, beliefs, and policies are clearly communicated and implemented.




  1. Plan, organize, control and direct instructional activities, extracurricular events, special programs and school site operations at an assigned District high school.
  2. Confer with District Office personnel regarding staff, programs, students, finances and legal requirements.
  3. Implement and modify the school’s mission, goals, objectives and programs to align with Board and District goals and vision; Direct, evaluate and supervise certificated and classified personnel; assign vice principal, faculty, counselors and other staff as appropriate to meet school objectives.
  4. Direct and participate in a planned program of formal and informal classroom visitations and observations on weekly classroom walkthroughs; recommend discipline, reassignment or termination action as appropriate; document evidence of substandard performance; Enforce applicable State and District codes, policies and laws; administer District and school site discipline and intervention policies and safety programs.
  5. Plan and direct the business operations of the school; develop and administer site budgets; assure proper allocation of funds for instructional and non-instructional equipment and materials.
  6. Direct the evaluation and revision of curricular and instructional programs in cooperation with appropriate District administrators; communicate with teachers to assure instructional programs meet student needs and District requirements.
  7. Analyze data and develop and implement plans for instructional improvement growing out of program assessment.
  8. Establish and maintain effective communication and public relations with District, school site personnel, students, parents, businesses and community.
  9. Prepare and write correspondence, bulletins and other communications on behalf of the school; arrange for school-level public relations and publicity for special events and achievements as appropriate.
  10. Conduct articulation activities with middle schools and post secondary schools; develop and direct an orientation program for new students.
  11. Supervise or provide for supervision of students on campus before and after school; monitor students during lunch, and other activities; discipline students according to established guidelines; Assure the health, safety and welfare of student.
  12. Oversee attendance, behavior management, counseling, guidance and other student support services; provide individual academic and personal counseling to students and parents.
  13. Coordinate the maintenance and operations of the school site; assure proper management, maintenance and inventory of materials, equipment, buildings and grounds.
  14. Direct the implementation of staff development and in-service training; update staff on revised policies and procedures and implement changes.
  15. Attend, conduct and chair a variety of meetings with faculty, parents and community representatives; conduct student/parent appeals; attend IEP and other meetings as assigned.
  16. Respond to and resolve parent, student and staff complaints; represent the school at Board, District and community functions.
  17. Direct the preparation and maintenance of a variety of District, County, State and federally mandated records and reports regarding student attendance, welfare, discipline, safety, academic achievement, certification for graduation and others as directed.
  18. Direct the maintenance of comprehensive files pertaining to school personnel, site facilities, inventories, financial information and contracts; direct the maintenance of student and staff records at site.
  19. Supervises the custodial staff at special events and sport events.
  20. Represents the school and the District in all matters concerning secondary sports through the appropriate C.I.F. organization.
  21. Perform other duties as assigned.




Knowledge of:

Comprehensive organization, activities, goals and objectives of a District high school.  School law administration, application sections of the State Education Code and other applicable laws.  State and local curriculum requirements.  Board and District policies, procedures and regulations.  Labor relations law and employee contracts,  State school site requirements. Budget preparation and control.  Principles and practices of administration, supervision and training.  Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.  Oral and written communication skills.  Public speaking techniques.  Basic computer operation.



Ability to:

Plan, organize and direct the operations and personnel of an assigned high school.  Disaggregate school performance data for purposes of program improvement and implementation of school-wide reform.  Organize, direct, evaluate and supervise assigned certificated and classified staff.  Direct personnel, the school site, budget, student services and activities, curriculum instruction, communications and articulation.  Establish, coordinate and maintain communication with community and parent groups.  Plan, implement, direct and evaluate instructional and categorical programs in accordance with applicable laws.  Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.  Complete work with many interruptions.  Read, interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  Prepare and deliver oral presentations.  Maintain consistent, punctual and regular attendance.  Hear and speak to exchange information and make presentations.  See to monitor students and read a variety of materials.  Move hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard.  Sit or stand for extended periods of time.  Bend at the waist, kneel or crouch.




No less than three years of successful experience as a school administrator.  A Master’s Degree highly desirable.



Possession of a valid California Administrative Services Credential issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.




Valid California Driver License required.





  • Office environment; driving a vehicle to conduct work.


Physical Abilities:

  • Hearing and speaking to exchange information in person and on the phone; dexterity of   hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard.
  • See to read and prepare documents and reports, and view computer monitors; sit or stand          for extended periods of time; kneel, bend at the waist, and reach overhead, above     shoulders, and horizontally; lift light objects.




  • Sufficient vision to read volumes of printed materials.
  • Sufficient hearing to conduct in person and telephone conversations.
  • Sufficient physical mobility to move about the district and drive a car.
  • Ability to speak in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal

conversational distance, on the telephone, and in addressing groups.

  • Willingness to work additional hours.
  • Physical, mental and emotional stamina to endure long hours under sometimes stressful conditions.


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