Director of Special Education

Coalinga-Huron Unified School District
09/23/9600 - 15:22
Until Filled



Certificated Management Position                             Department:  District


Report to:  Deputy Superintendent                             Pay Grade:  Range 23


                                                                                    Overtime Status: Exempt




To assist in affecting the special education program in cooperation with the county-wide consortium, throughout the district.  To work with and assist teachers and parents in developing IEP’s to facilitate a program to serve their needs.  To assist teachers with curricular concerns in regards to meeting special education program needs.  Perform duties of Special Education Program Specialist and Psychologist.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS including but not limited to:

  1. Manage the Special Education Program
  2. Represent the district at appropriate SELPA meetings
  3. Assist with preparation of required reports
  4. Assist with referral of students to outside agencies – e.g. State Diagnostic School
  5. Participate in long-term planning regarding Special Education Programs
  6. Serve as custodian of Special Education
  7. Monitor and modify program and procedures in order to insure compliance
  8. Administer Special Education budget
  9. Perform the function of Special Education Program Specialist
  10. Perform the duties of psychologist (see psychologist job description)
  11. Select and evaluate staff directly under his/her supervision i.e. Speech Therapist, APE Instructor, Special Education Secretary, Psychologist
  12. Assist site administrators with selection and evaluation of special education instructional staff, when appropriate
  13. Hold regular conferences with site principals in order to facilitate setting of goals and ongoing monitoring of special education instruction
  14. Hold regular conferences with special education instructional staff in order to set goals for improvement of instruction
  15. Perform the duties of psychologist and program specialist


Valid Pupil Personnel Services Credential with School Psychologist authorization; Public school teaching credential preferred but not mandatory; At least two years classroom teaching and/or work as a school psychologist; Ability to express oneself effectively in pubic, in conference, and in written materials; Ability to work harmoniously and effectively with parents, students, and staff; Ability to provide leadership in professional groups; Keep current on special education legislation, methodology and curriculum; Be knowledgeable of the general education system; Ability to communicate in Spanish as well as English desirable.



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