Batteries Being Used to Energize San Diego Schools

San Diego County schools are cutting their electric bill by going battery-powered.

At Poway Unified School District all 39 schools have thermometers and centralized controls, old air conditioning units were replaced with newer more efficient ones, LED lights and window shades have been installed, and five schools now have solar panels.

All of these upgrades, a response to lower the cost of “demand charges,” are thanks to Mike Tarantino, director of facilities, maintenance and operations at Poway Unified. He is no awaiting approval to install lithium ion batteries in 10 schools by next year.

Green Charge Networks, a Santa Clara firm specializing in commercial energy storage, are providing the batteries. School districts, universities, and cities are flocking to utilize more battery power in response to the “demand charges,” according to Rachel McCafferty, account manager at Green Charge Networks.

“San Diego has the highest demand charges in the country,” she said.

PUSD could save an estimated $133,000 in its first year, according to Green Charge Networks. In 10 years the district could save about $1.6 million.


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