Upland Teachers Strike Back at Superintendent

Teachers in Upland Unified School District have no confidence in Superintendent Nancy Kelly, according to a vote issued by the Upland Teachers Association.

The vote was related to leadership failure, teachers’ feelings of being disrespected, and the lack of accountability in upholding a bargaining agreement, according to John Glenn, a spokesman for the Upland Teachers Association

Kelly, however, believes this is some sort of retaliation for not reaching a deal with their contracts.

I am confident this is directly connected to the negotiations process,” she said.

The two sides have been arguing for some time over various issues from how Common Core standards are implemented to how the concerns of the union are being addressed to how health care premiums factor into contract negotiations.

A three-person panel will attempt to act as mediators for the two sides. But if there is no progress, then the UTA might strike.

“If a strike happens, it’s not because of the money,” said Glenn. “But because of their decision to ignore our collective bargaining rights and impose something that’s unacceptable to us.”


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