Unions and Teachers Win In Appellate Court Decision

“Teachers are not the problem in our schools.”

A California Appeals Court has brought a win for unions, overthrowing a ruling that blocked tenure for teachers.

Some believe that having the ability to easily fire teachers would improve schools. Currently, tenured teachers have several protections that help to forgo the immediate removal of a teacher.

The 2014 ruling in Vergara vs. California held that certain protections for teachers were detrimental to students’ constitutional right to an education. But the appellate court has now overturned this ruling.

“Teachers are not the problem in our schools,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. “The appellate court clearly recognized that Vergara was a flawed ruling.”

The California Teachers Association, the California Federation of Teachers and other top state officials were defendants in the case. Lawyers with the plaintiffs are already vowing to file an appeal with the state Supreme Court

“I think it’s a win certainly for educators, but also a win for students,” said CTA President Eric C. Heins. “The trial never made the connection between the harms [the plaintiffs] were alleging and the statutes they were challenging. I think the laws have been working.”


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