Charter Schools Cost LAUSD Almost $600 Million

United Teacher Los Angeles has commission a report that cites a more than $500 million dollar loss in revenue for LA Unified due to charter schools.

The union estimates nearly $600 million in total losses when other factors are taken into account. However the report isn’t seeking to blame charter schools, but rather point to flaws in the system that have allowed for this to happen.

Charter schools currently enroll 16% of all students in the district. Per Prop. 39, there are also 56 charter schools that are operating rent-free on district campuses. LAUSD has more charter schools than any other school district nationwide.

“This report is a first step in a necessary process to understand what it would take to have a sustainable system for all students, both in charters and in district schools,” said UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl. “It took over 12 years of declining enrollment at LAUSD to get an accounting of the financial strain of charter school growth. We cannot wait another 12 years to address the consequences it is having on public education and our students.”

Here is a breakdown of the numbers for 2014-15:

  • $508,280,866 loss of student enrollment to charter schools
  • $15,353,468 in oversight costs not paid by charter schools
  • $2,062,517 in oversight costs for co-located schools
  • $55,619,684 in inconsistently applied ‘soft landing protections’
  • $10,356,338 in additional special education costs
  • $86,132 to in-lieu property taxes

Total: $591,759,005

Read the full report here.



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