New Mascot for Calaveras….Sort of

Calaveras High School has revealed its new mascot. It’s…nothing?

The mascot for the school was previously the “Redskins,” a term that many indigenous groups found offensive and seen as a racial slur. Gov. Brown recently signed into law AB 30, which bans the use of the word as a mascot for all teams in the state. It goes into effect Jan 2017.

But Calaveras High School has opted to just rid themselves of a mascot all together. A very “all or nothing” move. They will keep the image of the mascot though, since the law prohibits “public schools from using the term Redskins as a school or athletic team name, mascot, or nickname” but has no mention of visual depictions.

The school’s website has an announcement for the “no mascot” that reads:

By popular vote, Calaveras High School will no longer have a mascot and will be referred to as "Calaveras High School" with the current existing logo. We will be having a farewell to the Redskins Mascot at our Rotation Rally on June 9th. The no mascot “Calaveras High School” with the existing logo will start with the start of the new school year 2016-2017.

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