Board Approves Guns in Kern High Schools

The Kern High School District board members voted 4-0 to allow guns on campus.

Concealed carry weapon, or CCW, permit holders will be allowed to bring guns to all high school under the new policy. However, there are no real set rules on who is allowed to or not allowed to carry the weapons.

Permit holders will need to obtain approval every two years from the superintendent, but who these permit holders are has not been explained. Several community leaders expressed concern over such a policy and wanted to know more details about how this would be enforced, especially in regards to the safety of the children. Board members say that further details won’t be discussed until August.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 06:59

The school advocacy group, Great Public Schools Now, released a report last week detailing the pandemic’s impact on students in the state’s largest school district, LA Unified.