Charters Spent $3.3 Million for June Elections

The numbers are in and the Sacramento County Office of Education board races cost almost $500,000.

No, that is not the cost of the election. Nope, that is the amount that charter school put in to help their chosen three candidates win.

The California Charter Schools Association had a slate with Joanne Ahola for Area 4, Heather Davis in Area 6 and Roy Grimes in Area 7.

Grimes is where the CCSA spent the most amount of money, a whopping $220,000. He’s also the only candidate of the three that lost their respective race.

This was just one school board race for June 7 that the CCSA helped fund across the state though. In total the PAC spent $3.3 million statewide.  And of the 15 candidates they did endorse, Grimes is only one of two who were unsuccessful.

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