El Camino Real Is Preparing For The Worst

El Camino Real Charter High School is facing serious problems as Los Angeles Unified School District considers revoking their charter.

Back in May, the school was being investigated after it was discovered administrators were charging numerous expenses to the school's credit card

Since the fiscal mismanagement by the administration came to light, the ElCamino board hired a private firm to investigate the matter, which ended up costing the school about $20,000. The board has still not released the findings from the report. But El Camino has since fired Marshall Mayotte, Chief Business Official, and has cut the Executive Director’s, David Fehte, pay and contract.

Records show that Fehte made excessive amounts of personal and improper charges to the school’s credit card. Fehte has recently reimbursed El Camino approximately $6,000 for the charges he made.

The L.A. Unified Board of Education took the first step in revoking El Camino's charter by citing them with a notice of violations in August that included the improper use of funds, lack of oversight, and violations.  

On Tuesday, the LAUSD Board will hold a special meeting where they will decide whether to take the next step and send out a notice of intent to revoke the charter. If issued, this will be the second step needed out of three to take EL Caminos charter. The last step would be a public hearing that will take place within 30 days that would go over the evidence and come to a decision to revoke the charter.

Jonathan Wasser, president of the El Camino Real Alliance board, said that they are doing everything to meet the districts demand and is accusing the district of intimidation tactics.

Despite these serious problems that El Camino is facing, many parents and students are standing with the charter school because of its proven track record of academic excellence.

The El Camino board is not ready to lose its charter as it is holding a special meeting Sunday to discuss possible legal actions. They are also bussing teachers to the district’s office on Tuesday to show support!

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