LA Charter School Under Fire For Fiscal Mismanagement

El Camino Real Charter High School is facing a probe after being issued notices of violations by the Board of Education.

The Daily News has been closely following this developing story as it reports that the Chief Business Official, Marshall Mayotte, has been terminated after lack of oversight over the schools finances. While Executive Director, David Fehte, only received a slap on the wrist as his contract and pay were cut after making excessive amounts of personal and improper charges on the schools American Express card.  

Melanie Horton, ECRCHS director of business, said Fehte repaid $6,000 for the personal charges he made.

The ECRCHS board spent nearly $20,000 after hiring a private firm to investigate the financial statements and reimbursement policies after the notice of possible violations by the LAUSD that occurred last October.

The Board of Education later cited the charter school for the violations, stating fiscal mismanagement and lack of oversight among others. Possibilities of revoking the schools charter are there, as this is the first out of three steps needed.

Some parents and students are rallying behind the charter schools as they don’t want their charter to be revoked. Many of them spoke at a last-minute board meeting about the positive changes that the administration has done and support of Fehte.

While other community members and teachers are calling for more transparency and accountability as the ECRCHS board does not want to release documents and findings of the investigation report.

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