Paving The Way Towards Diversity in Education Leadership With “Future Chiefs”

Chiefs For Change is a nonprofit organization that provides educational leaders from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about the future of education and the networks and mentorship to become future superintendents.

Antwan Wilson, Oakland Unified School District Superintendent, is one of only a few African American superintendents in the state. He is also a member of Chiefs for Change.

Wilson wants to bring more educators and leaders of color that seek to become superintendents to join the “Future Chiefs” mentoring program, as a way to learn from each other’s experiences and better the education that students receive.

“Future Chiefs” identifies leaders in education that can be potential chiefs and superintendents, such as Kunjan Narechania, who is the chief operating officer of the Louisiana Dept. of Education.

Narechania, shadowed Wilson and said that this opportunity was valuable because it gave him a better understanding of what the job as superintendent really entails.

Mike Magee, CEO of Chiefs for Change, said that turnover rates for state and district chiefs are high, the 2014-2015 school year alone saw 30 state-level superintendents’ replacements. The organization wants to lower the turnover rates by providing help and guidance along the way of the careers of future leaders.

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