Anaheim Online Charter School Under Investigation As Educators Raise Concerns

The Orange County Board of Education is investigating Epic Charter School, an online charter school, after Anaheim educators made claims to revoke the charter.

According to the OC Register, the claims made against Epic include the use of financial incentives to increase enrollment, not having the proper permission to open and start educating elementary to high school students, and because their affiliated school in Oklahoma is being investigated.

Paul MacGregor, Epic’s Executive Director in CA, denies the allegations and is calling this probe a distraction and unnecessary but are cooperating with the requests made by the Dept. of Education.

This probe comes as no surprise as Anaheim school officials and educators have been very vocal about the charter’s educational learning program and “want to see the program shut down.”

Last year, Epic submitted a petition to have its charter under the Anaheim School District but were denied because of their education program plan.

Epic appealed to the Orange County Board of Education and with a 4-1 vote, was approved its charter in March. It is currently the first online charter school that is overseen by the County Board of Education.

David Boyd, the lone dissenter, said that it is extremely rare to revoke a charter after it’s been granted.

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