Bargaining Negotiations at CVUSD Fall Through

On Wednesday the Coachella Valley Unified board met with the Coachella Valley Teachers Association with hopes of finalizing a contract that has been in disputes for more than a year.

The bargaining negotiations had been at a standstill since June until the board decided to come back to the table to resolve the contract in September but things haven’t improved.

An impartial state representative oversaw the negotiations that occurred on Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm as the teachers are now in the final stages of fact-finding before they vote to strike, reports the Desert Sun.

The state representative brought the board and teachers union back to the bargaining table that afternoon until negotiations ended without a deal at 8:30 pm.  The state representative now has 30 days to make a report and recommendation. The district will then have the option to impose a contract and the teachers can respond by striking.

The latest district offer in September was: a 3% salary increase, 20 minutes added to all grade levels, early release Wednesdays. The CVTA is pushing for the district to change the salary increase to 7.23% and to terminate the imposed crosswalk monitoring by elementary teachers.

Teachers are frustrated about the negotiation process and have demonstrated it by refusing to grade homework and work associated with school outside of school hours, and by calling out sick.

Students have also showcased their discontent by staging walkouts at Coachella Valley and West Shores high schools.

Richard Razo, President of CVTA, says that as long as they negotiations are still occurring the union will try to avoid a strike.

All of this comes on the heels of the resignation of Superintendent Darryl Adams, who has been on medical leave since Oct. 27. He will remain on medical leave until his resignation takes effect on Dec. 31. Gregory Fromm, current assistant superintendent of business and finance, will act as superintendent as the board looks to find a permanent replacement for Adams.

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