Sacramento City Unified Votes To Become “Safe Haven”

The Sacramento City Unified Board of Education unanimously voted Thursday night to protect undocumented students by declaring all schools in the districts “safe havens.”

At the meeting more than 30 people had lined up to express their support of the resolution, urging the district to take action and provide families that are fearful and uncertain about the future some sense of protection.

Students and parents expressed their fear of deportation to the Board, citing President-elect Trump's tough stance on immigration.

Superintendent Jose L. Banda, applauded the SCUSD Board for its decision and thanked all the teachers, principals, and staff that helped pass this resolution.

As a safe haven school district, the citizenship status of students will remain confidential and any agency looking for information on students will be turned away. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prohibited from entering school property without written approval from the Superintendent.

Sacramento City Unified now joins a list of schools that have declared themselves “safe havens” and “sanctuary schools” like LAUSD, San Francisco Unified, and Bassett Unified, among others.