Pittsburg Unified Becomes “Safe Haven”

Last week, the Pittsburg Unified School District board unanimously passed a resolution making the district and its campuses “safe havens.”

The safe haven status means that immigration officials will need permission in order to enter any of the districts’ sites, among other provisions meant to protect the undocumented population from deportation.

The resolution was brought forward by Board President De’Shawn Woolridge.

“Our Board has always put students first, their needs and their concerns, first and foremost and the Board's action via this resolution is another example of that taking place,” Woolridge said. “We have adopted the “All Students Accessing A Quality Education - A Safe Haven Resolution,” to show our Pittsburg community that we will not just say our district is safe, we will ensure that our campuses are safe and welcoming places for all students and families.”

The resolution comes less than a month after State Superintendent Tom Torlakson issued a letter to districts asking for safe haven declarations.

“We will be organizing some informational activities for parents, families and students in the upcoming weeks to provide our community with access to resources and information regarding their legal rights,” said Superintendent Janet Schulze in a statement.

Pittsburg Unified enrolls about 11,000 students, 7,000 of which identify as Hispanic or Latino.

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