Bakersfield District Ready to Battle Sacramento for Substitute Teachers

California school districts are lacking in the number of teachers of available and several have turned to substitute teachers to fill the need.

Bakersfield City School District is applying to get a waiver to allow substitute teachers to remain in a classroom for longer than 30 days. Currently, subs aren’t allowed to teach the same class for longer than 30 days.

If the waiver is denied, which district officials say is highly likely, they’re willing to sue the state and/or introduce legislation to change the law.

In an effort to recruit more substitute teachers for the district, the Human Resources department of Bakersfield City School District hosted an information session this past week.

During the evening, several HR representatives spoke to attendees and covered a wide variety of topics including qualifications, expectations, exams and overall benefits of becoming a substitute teacher.

There were more than 130 attendees that were present during the two sessions.

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