UPDATE: LAUSD President Resigns Title Amid Money Laundering Charges

After being charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors last week in relation to campaign contributions, Los Angeles Unified school board President Ref Rodriguez as resigned.

As we reported previously the board president for the state’s largest school district is facing 25 misdemeanor counts and three felony counts for allegedly funneling money into his campaign account in 2015 under the guise of having received multiple independent donations. However, it is alleged that he used a bank account with his parents’ names to reimburse donors for their contributions.

The irony of this is that Rodriguez had received plenty of funding and support from the California Charter Schools Association which helped elevate him to the board. The Association also spent a historical millions of dollars into this year’s races which resulted in a pro-charter majority for the LAUSD board.

Rodriguez will remain on the board, however, unsurprisingly, the teachers union, which has been in staunch opposition to charter schools, are calling for him to resign all together.

In a statement, United Teachers Los Angeles said Rodriguez‘s “role in this investigation and his response to these egregious criminal charges indicate a severe lack of judgment.”

We’ll have more as this story continues to unfold.