Four Palmdale Teachers Posed for a Photo With a Noose. What Were They Thinking?

What on earth possessed four teachers to smile for a principal’s camera while holding up a noose? That question is now the subject of a heated investigation by the Palmdale School District.

The teachers and the principal are all employed by Summerwind Elementary School. They’ve been placed on leave pending the outcome of the probe.

Employees who spoke to FOX 11 said the noose photo was hanging up in an office before it was leaked in an email to Summerwind staff. The photo soon made its way onto social media.

Parents and teachers are calling for the people in the photo, plus Principal Linda Brandts, to step down. They say that racism has been an ongoing problem at the school.

Supt. Raul Maldonado has issued a public statement.

“I am appalled that this incident occurred,” Maldonado said. “I am committed to the Palmdale Promise’s values of equity, integrity, and multiculturalism, and I know that most of the district believe[s] in the same values the Promise upholds. We will not allow the hurtful actions of a few hold back our district’s pledge to do right by our community.”