Sacramento Teachers Union Announces Second Strike

Sacramento teachers are prepared to walk out of classes once again following a single-day strike that took place on April 11 — a first for the district in 30 years. A second strike is tentatively scheduled for May 22.

The teachers union says the Sacramento City Unified School District has failed to honor its 2017 contract agreement. They want higher pay and smaller class sizes. District officials, facing a possible takeover by the state, say they are short much needed funds and are calling for unity.

“SCTA leaders have announced another strike at a time when our district is running out of money, on the brink of insolvency and state takeover,” Superintendent Jorge Aguilar said in a statement. “We should be working together to save our schools, not working against each other. This strike will once again have a negative impact on our students, particularly those with the greatest needs. Almost half of our students showed up to school during the last one-day strike on April 11th because our schools are safe havens that provide them with a safe learning environment, healthy meals and other supports. That is why our schools will once again be open on May 22nd. It is our hope that rather than go on strike, SCTA leaders will join forces with us so we can march to the Capitol together on May 22nd to request more funding for our schools.”

The district is facing a $35 million budget deficit and has been given a deadline of June 30 by the Board of Education to reach a solution.

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