Top College Acceptance Rates Are at Record Lows

If the dream of attending an Ivy League college seems more elusive than ever, it isn’t your imagination. America’s top colleges are admitting fewer applicants than ever before, increasing the enormous pressure high school students already experience during the admissions process.

Take Harvard and Yale Universities, for example. This year, they accepted just 4.5% and less than 6% of applicants respectively.

Here’s the good news for prospective enrollees: it isn’t necessarily getting more difficult to get in. Rather, more people are applying — including many who have no hope of getting accepted in the first place.

“One key reason is the Common Application, launched in 1998, a portal that allows high school students to apply to more than 700 colleges nationwide,” CNN reports. “Using it, students can submit up to 20 applications with ease.”

That’s great for the colleges, which look better the lower their admission rates are. For the teens sweating bullets as they await acceptance or rejection letters, not so much.



Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 06:30

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