70% of California Schools Have Adopted Common Core

Nine years after California adopted the Common Core State Standards for math and English, 70% of school districts have adopted them. That’s according to the Public Policy Institute of California which conducted surveys this year.

PPIC found that rural districts were less likely to have implemented the standards. Most of the standard adoptions occurred fairly recently.

Among those elementary and middle school districts that have adopted the standards, PPIC found a modest improvement in academic performance.

“Districts that adopted the Common Core standards saw a 2–3 percent increase in the share of students at or above English proficiency on SBAC. Middle school math proficiency increased by just under 2 percent; elementary math results were insignificant. Gains were similar across most major student subgroups, though they were slightly larger among low-income and Latino students,” according to the report.

PPIC called the results for high schools “inconclusive.”

The report summary recommends more research into the effects of Common Core implementation, further guidance, and greater investment in more remote areas.

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