Smarter Balance Testing: This EdSource Database Will Show You How Your School Performed

As CalSchoolNews reported last week, the California Department of Education has released the results of the Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests which reveal continued, albeit slow, improvements among students in the state.

Now, EdSource has taken the data and created a user-friendly database so that you can search results from your district. 

EdSource’s search engine provides data for 1,000 school districts and 10,000 schools over the past five years, including scores for every grade level and even specifies data by ethnicity and gender, for low-income students, and for English learners.

Linda Darling-Hammond, State Board of Education President, has described the latest CAASP results as a mixed bag.

“The good news,” she wrote, “is that achievement gaps are narrowing between white and Latino/Latina students, between economically disadvantaged and more affluent students and for children who started school speaking a language other than English as compared to native English speakers.”

But as State Superintendent Tony Thurmond said, ”disparities between students of color and their white and Asian peers continue from year to year and demonstrate the importance of our priority initiative of closing the achievement gap. Education equity should mean equity for all students and right now, we are not there." He added that “all students should have an equal opportunity to succeed academically and enter the workforce prepared with the needed skills to compete in the industries that drive our state forward.”



Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 06:57

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