These Ballot Measures Would Usher Billions Into California Schools

Despite a record $21.5 billion surplus, California still falls behind dozens of other states in per-pupil funding. Enter a trio of 2020 ballot measures that would usher in billions of new dollars for the state’s public schools.

Capitol Weekly breaks down the “unprecedented trifecta” of statewide ballot measures here. They include a $15 billion construction bond to facilitate renovations at K-12 schools and colleges, a tax on high income earners that could generate another $15 billion per year, and the so-called “split-roll” measure that would erase Prop. 13 property tax caps for commercial and industrial properties.

Taxpayer groups argue that the cost of living in California is already sky high, buoyed by mounting tax increases. But, as Capitol Weekly notes, per-pupil funding for education has plummeted since the 1970s in spite of our status as the 5th largest economy in the world.

“Everybody benefits from strong public schools,” Troy Flint, a spokesperson for the California School Boards Association, told the publication. “They are the foundation of a healthy society and a strong democracy.”