This Fresno Superintendent Will Read to Your Kids During Quarantine

Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson knows how hard COVID-19 school closures have been on parents and their kids. And he’s going the extra mile to keep them calm and intellectually stimulated during quarantine.

Nelson has been reading books and uploading them to his YouTube channel so students can follow along. His story sessions are uploaded every day at 10:30 AM for the district’s 74,000 students—and anyone else who happens to stumble upon them and stay for a good read.

Nelson does more than just read books. He offers advice to help kids maintain some normalcy during these uncertain times. On the weekends, he even records himself playing ukulele with his daughters.

“It tells kids I don't have to take myself so seriously. The time of global pandemic, the last thing we need to do is be taking ourselves so seriously," Nelson told KFSN.

With all the awful news in the world, it’s important to stop and remember the good things people are doing for others. Superintendent Nelson is just the latest example. Let’s pay it forward.