U.S. Schools Hit by Laptop Shortage

As millions of students are being shifted to online learning either full-time or part-time, the United States is now suffering a shortage of laptops and other technological devices.

In addition to record demand, U.S. sanctions on 11 Chinese companies have created a supply issue. As a result, “the three largest laptop producers, Lenovo, HP and Dell, have told school districts they have a shortage of nearly 5 million laptops,” Techspot reports. 

“This is going to be like asking an artist to paint a picture without paint. You can’t have a kid do distance learning without a computer,” Tom Baumgarten, Superintendent of the Morongo Unified School District, told the publication.

Fortunately, there are some great pointers out there for students, parents, or professionals looking to get their hands on a new laptop during these turbulent times. Get some tips here and here