School Bonds Fared Well on Nov 3

Voters in at least 39 out of 60 California school districts approved billions of dollars in school construction bonds last week, even as they rejected a statewide proposition that would have raised up to $12.6 billion for local governments and schools. Additionally, voters in 11 out of 14 districts voted for a parcel tax increase to raise money for education.

“The bond measures, which would raise $13 billion for new construction and renovation projects, included $7 billion for Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest district,” EdSource’s John Fensterwald reports. They also included a $735 million bond for Oakland Unified and a $516 million bond for Pasadena Unified.

Overall, school bonds saw a 65% passage rate — a significant improvement from March. Bonds failed in Maricopa, Wasco, Calaveras and San Diego.

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Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

School construction bonds faced some headwinds during the March 5 primary, with a passage rate of around 60% compared with the 73% seen in typical past primaries.