Newsom Expects Schools to Be Fully Open This Fall

Barring a major vaccine shortage or a jump in hospitalization rates, California will abandon its color-coded tier system and “fully reopen” the state on June 15, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday. The governor added that he expects all K-12 schools and community colleges to fully reopen for in-person learning by fall, given that all state barriers will be removed.

“I share Governor Newsom’s optimism that as conditions continue to improve, and as all Californians continue common-sense measures, such as continuing to wear a mask and getting vaccinated, there is a clear pathway to a safe and full return to in-person teaching and learning this fall,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond.

The announcement signals further pressure on schools from Sacramento ahead of the May revise. As Edsource notes, it may “set the tone” for those discussions and, specifically, “whether schools will be mandated to offer in-person instruction in the fall.” 

Some schools were already planning on continuing a hybrid model after summer. Is this a shot across the bow?

California Teachers Association spokeswoman Claudia Briggs issued the following statement, urging prudence:

“As students and educators continue to return to classrooms for in-person teaching and learning, we must all keep our eyes on safety ensuring that all the safety protocols are in place to protect our students, their families, educators and staff.”