SF Board of Education Drops Plan to Rename 44 Schools

It was a move that elicited controversy far and wide. In the middle of a pandemic, the San Francisco Unified School District Board voted to rename a third of its public schools, including schools named after George Washington, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and even Abraham Lincoln. Now, just three months later, the Board has halted the effort

The vote to suspend the renaming — at least until students have returned to in-person learning — came Tuesday, April 6.

“We recognize we need to slow down. And we need to provide more opportunities for community input. We are working with educators at all levels to involve and educate our school communities about the renaming process,” Board President Gabriela López wrote in an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco has enough controversies to contend with right now. It has been lambasted and legally challenged by parents and city leaders over school closures. Its longtime superintendent recently resigned. And a member of the Board is suing the district for $87 million.