The ‘Gann Limit’ Could Give Schools an $8 Billion Windfall

For the first time in 33 years, California is poised to cross a constitutional spending threshold known as the Gann Limit. If that happens, it would result in an $8 billion windfall for public schools and colleges.

Paul Gann was a conservative political activist who campaigned for the 1979 measure, which forces the state to give money back to taxpayers once certain spending levels are exceeded. On Monday, the Newsom administration estimated the state would blow past the Gann threshold by $16 billion.

“The way the limit works is if we then exceed the limit, the amount of money we exceed the limit by goes to two pots. Half of it goes to K-12 education. And the other half of it has to be used to reduce the tax bills of Californians,” Chris Hoene, the executive director of the California Budget and Policy Center, told ABC 10.

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