Confusion after State's 180 on masks in schools

So at this point, it looks like the state doesn’t have a clue what it’s doing when it comes to ensuring public health in schools this fall.

Last Friday, the health department said all students and faculty would need face coverings indoors regardless of vaccine status. It added that schools “must exclude students from campus if they are not exempt from wearing a face covering under (the rules) and refuse to wear one provided by the school." A bunch of parents got upset. Then the state reversed course, saying Tuesday it will leave the matter up to school districts. Masks are still required but local districts can decide if and how to enforce the rule.

Does your head hurt yet?

The governor has downplayed the significance of the latest rule change, saying enforcement of the mask mandates has always been a local responsibility. But Troy Flint, spokesman for the California School Boards Association, says it marks "a huge difference in terms of how districts would operate and how the public is going to receive this guidance." A number of school districts also say they need more clarity.

Whether you’re for or against mandatory masks in schools, we could probably all use a little more consistency from Sacramento.

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