Grand Jury Blasts “Dissension, Dismay, and Disarray” on Stockton Unified’s Board of Trustees

The San Joaquin County Grand Jury released a report last week faulting dysfunction, turmoil, and unprofessional conduct by the Board of Trustees for the instability that has plagued the Stockton Unified School District for years.

SUSD has seen a dozen superintendents come and go since 2005. The uniquely high turnover rate “is a foremost indication that the trustees have failed, and will continue to fail, to effectively lead the district,” the report said.

The Grand Jury found widespread disregard for the Board of Trustees’ own policies and procedures, especially on hiring. It said trustees disregard their appropriate roles and act unprofessionally at meetings, lobbing inappropriate complaints against each other. The report also blasted the board for a lack of transparency.

Read the full report including a list of recommendations here, plus more from the Record.