Instructure Analyzes the Pandemic’s Impact on K-12 Education and Key Trends for the Future

A recent report from education technology company Instructure has analyzed the pandemic’s impact on K-12 education and identified six key trends for the future based on hundreds of parent and teacher surveys.

Instructure partnered with Hanover Research for the report. The surveys were conducted across the US from March to May 2021. The researchers received 664 qualified responses (464 parents and 200 teachers/administrators).

According to the survey, around half of educators and parents believe that students have significantly fallen behind due to COVID-19 school closures.

These were the six key trends identified by the report:

1. Teacher quality is a leading factor in student success, and investing in professional development is critical for student outcomes. Professional development is expected to remain one of the top priorities for future funding.

2. Student engagement is the #1 priority, according to teachers. The vast majority of educators listed student engagement and attendance as the most important metrics of student success. Interestingly, only 33% of parents said it was hard to keep their child engaged during the pandemic. Low-income households were more than twice as likely to report difficulty in this area.

3. Fundamental changes should be made for educational assessments. Standardized test scores were ranked as the least important factor in education by the survey respondents.

4. Hybrid teaching and learning is here to stay. 81% of educators believe technology will become even more important in teaching and learning and 67% believe remote learning will continue to be a feature in classrooms in the future.

5. Equitable access is critical to achieving equity in education. To expand equitable access, funds for hardware acquisition and internet connectivity will remain the top priority for school districts. High-income parents were twice as likely to report full satisfaction in this area compared to low-income parents.

6. Technology is essential in keeping teachers, students, and parents connected.

You can obtain a copy of the report here or read a summary in this press release from PR Wire. 



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