Fresno Supes Step Back From School Reopening Decisions

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors is stepping back from local school decisions that impact health and safety. Members unanimously approved a resolution last week allowing for “local control” on school reopening policies.

“Fresno County got drug into some conversations that we felt we were very clear on, but parents in Fresno County and board trustees at local school districts felt like we muddied the water inadvertently," said Board Chairman Steve Brandau, who sponsored the resolution with Supervisor Buddy Mendez.

“If they want to listen to science, that's their business," Supervisor Brian Pacheco said. "If they want to turn a deaf ear to that their business, that's not for us to impose our will on those individual districts."

Fresno County’s 32 school districts will be able to set their own safety policies as kids return for full in-person learning.

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