Sutter Union High School District Shrugs at Mask Mandate

Face coverings were encouraged but not required as Sutter Union High School students filed onto campus for their first day of fall classes on Monday. The Sutter Union High School District is one of a number of rural LEAs that have balked at the state’s face mask mandate. 

In a memo, Superintendent Ryan Robison said SUHSD had been placed in a precarious position logistically and legally.

“The education code was changed a few years ago that doesn't even allow us to suspend or expel kids if they don't follow the rules if they are insubordinate," he explained.

But Robison also made clear his district was sticking it to the state:

“First, I do believe it should be local control, working with the local agencies. At the end of the day, it's not fair for higher levels of bureaucracy to require lower levels to enforce things that are not legally enforceable. Two, it puts us in the crosshairs of many of our parents and our local community members.”

The district says it strongly encourages the use of face masks for its 825 students but that “district staff will not be placed in the compromising position of taking enforcement actions."