SFUSD Faces Possible State Takeover

The San Francisco Unified School District is facing a possible takeover by the state as a result of a $116-million budget shortfall. It has until December 15 to submit a plan to the state on how to fix its budget woes.

It will have help. The California Department of Education will send fiscal experts to the struggling district to help it cut 13% from its 2022-23 budget. Any labor agreements will have to be reviewed by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond. A temporary freeze on hiring and discretionary spending is expected.

“The state is asking itself. Wait at a state level we’re making priorities, at a federal level we’re making priorities. Why aren’t we seeing results in the City of San Francisco?” Frank Lara of the United Educators of San Francisco told KRON4. “You can not blame workers and then blame bus drivers, blame educators, blame the people servicing our students, and then still claim that it’s a budget problem due to workers.” 

Lara also asked why SFUSD isn’t more aggressively pursuing available aid.

SFUSD has been suffering from declining enrollment for years. Amid financial troubles, board members were criticized for pursuing trivial agendas like the renaming of dozens of local schools.