Community colleges failing to provide vital data on fake enrollments

Nearly 40% of California community colleges have failed to heed the chancellor’s request for information on enrollment fraud involving student bots. Those failing to respond to the request include all nine community colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District. Furthermore, 15% of community colleges have not filled out preliminary enrollment surveys, which are used to guide enrollment strategies.

It’s not clear why the schools are failing to deliver the data, but it has officials extremely concerned — and “dumbfounded,” in the words of Board of Governors Vice President Amy Costa.

In August, officials discovered tens of thousands of bots attempting to enroll in community colleges. The community college system discovered that 20% of recent traffic on its application portal was coming from fake accounts. The failure to turn over data — at a time of plunging community college enrollment, no less — means officials have no idea how bad the fraud has gotten.

Board members are now considering mandating reports from the schools.

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